Beth Moore rebukes articulate, discerning young woman; here’s the fascinating email exchange that followed

In her blog post, It’s Hunting Season for Heretics, Beth Moore condescendingly rebuked a young woman, Jessica Lam, for daring to label her a false teacher. Moore then reached out to Jessica, and an email exchange ensued. In making the transcript of the conversation public, Jessica writes:

Here is my brief conversation with Beth Moore, with my husband’s commentary. It breaks my heart that she transforms so quickly from someone who is “here to serve me in every way,” to refusing to answer my last question. Pray for her, pray for her followers, and pray for me and my husband as the spotlight is on us during all of this.

Dustin Germaim has additional commentary over at the Pulpit and Pen blog.

Todd Pruitt weighs-in on Beth Moore’s ‘direct revelation, sloppy exegesis, and squishy ecumenism’, wonders why SBC sells her books

Todd Pruitt, LeadPastor of Covenant Presbyterian Church in Harrisonburg, VA, is right on the, uh, money.

False teacher Beth Moore objects to being called a false teacher

File this one under, ‘Well she would, wouldn’t she?’

Erin Benz of Do Not Be Surprised… gets to the heart of the problem with Moore in her post, Why Beth Moore and Not Me? The Danger of Claiming to Receive Direct Revelation. Do Not Be Surprised… has extensive additional coverage of Beth Moore, as does Pastor Chris Rosebrough’s Fighting for the Faith programme.