Beth Moore rebukes articulate, discerning young woman; here’s the fascinating email exchange that followed

In her blog post, It’s Hunting Season for Heretics, Beth Moore condescendingly rebuked a young woman, Jessica Lam, for daring to label her a false teacher. Moore then reached out to Jessica, and an email exchange ensued. In making the transcript of the conversation public, Jessica writes:

Here is my brief conversation with Beth Moore, with my husband’s commentary. It breaks my heart that she transforms so quickly from someone who is “here to serve me in every way,” to refusing to answer my last question. Pray for her, pray for her followers, and pray for me and my husband as the spotlight is on us during all of this.

Dustin Germaim has additional commentary over at the Pulpit and Pen blog.

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One thought on “Beth Moore rebukes articulate, discerning young woman; here’s the fascinating email exchange that followed”

  1. All I can do is rebuke Beth Moore because she is a false teacher. She promotes ecumenism and contemplative and associates with other false teachers. A simple internet search will yield these results.

    On another note I have encountered a contraversy regarding if God can still communicate with us. The answer is: Yes. Outside of the bible. It simply must align with the bible. I hate to blow anyone’s mind here, but when I pray, I actually hear from God. It’s not a human voice, just an impression that comes in various forms. For doubters, let me ask you this: did anyone in the bible ever receive a message from God? A dream, a vision, a message, something? Like when Peter prayed and he saw the same vision about the food and then the 3 guys were at this door? Yes, so it does happen. And, it still happens. Just because the bible is ‘closed,’ does not mean that God cannot or does not work in that way. There are the gifts of the spirit through which He operates, prophesies, tongues, word of knowledge, etc. Some think that this ended when the bible was closed, but that is based on a false notion because by ‘that which is perfect’ the kingdom is meant. Not that the bible isn’t ‘perfect’ but they assume everyone has access to it, while many believers don’t. But it does mean the return of Christ and we will need them until then and then no more. The gifts still operate and we still need them as much as ever today. We don’t see much of it in the West because many don’t believe or have grown cold and complacent. For those who think they have ceased, then you also have to say that no one can have the gift of… discernment! But, Christians do, and they use it, just like I do. There is a particular gift of discernment, not just in a general sense. I have this as a gift so I know, albeit I may not be able to convince others if they don’t have this for themselves. Sort of like hearing answers from God and getting the baptism of the Holy Spirit. So many want to simply shirk it off just because they never had it. It is there for the having if you seek it and ask the Lord. But how many do this? I did, and got it. But so many try to twist it into something derogatory just because there are two sides to the spirit world. Oh well, nothing I can do about that. I say this because many go to that extreme in saying that no one can hear from God anymore and that simply is not true. Jesus said ‘My sheep hear my voice…’ Well I do.

    And Beth Moore is a false teacher. It doesn’t even take much discernment to see that.

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